Under Regulation Eight adopted by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, dealers charging a Document/Service Fee must report the amount of the fee being charged no later than December 31 each year.

Report the fee by one of the following methods:

Email: Lisa Ordono at

Mail: 1755 Lelia Drive, Suite 200, Jackson, MS 39216

Fax: 601-987-3997

The Mississippi Attorney General has revised the form for dealerships to use when selling a vehicle "As Is" which is more than six (6) years old or has been driven more than 75,000 miles.
The new form is available by clicking here in a PDF format.
Dealers are required by law to advise a buyer orally and in writing when selling an extended service contract, maintenance plan, or simpler product.  Click here for a form.  This language can also be included on a buyers order.