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The Mississippi Attorney General has created the form for dealerships to use when selling a vehicle "As Is".
The form is available in PDF format by clicking here.
As a reminder, Mississippi law requires the Attorney General form to be used on all "As Is" sales of vehicles.
Additionally, a vehicle can only be sold "As Is" if it is more than six (6) years old or has been driven more than 75,000 miles.

Documentary/Service Fee Reporting Required by December 31

Under Regulation 8 adopted by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, dealerships charging a "Documentary/Service Fee" are required to report the amount of the fee annually no later than December 31st each year.
Report the fee by one of the following methods:
Email - Lisa Ordono at
Mail - 1755 Lelia Drive, Suite 200, Jackson, MS 39216
Fax: - 601-987-3997
Suggested language for the notice.
Mr. Jeff Jernigan
Executive Director
Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission
1755 Lelia Drive,
Suite 200
Jackson, MS  39216
Dear Mr. Jernigan:
Pursuant to Regulation 8 adopted by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, I hereby notify you that the annual Documentary/Service Fee being charged by (Name of Dealership) is $_______.
Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.