The MADA SIF is an exclusive member benefit.  Founded in 1989 by dealer members for MADA members the SIF’s profits goes back to its participants.  Millions of dollars have been returned to our MADA members.  The SIF Board of Directors consists of MADA leaders. 

The MADASIF is the Self Insured workers compensation program designed for automobile dealers, by automobile dealers.  The SIF was the first self-insured program in the State of Mississippi and has continued to enjoy continued success and returned $16,193,237 in dividends to its members.

Walt Massey, MADASIF Chairman

Roger Bacon, MADASIF Vice- Chairman

Jonathan Allen, MADASIF Board Member

Jeb Blackburn, MADASIF Board Member

Cannon Kirk, MADASIF Board Member

Cliff Mitchell, MADASIF Board Member

Trudy Moody, MADASIF Board Member

Paxton King, MADASIF Board Member

Jeff Smith, MADASIF Board Member

For more information about the SIF and to obtain a quote, please contact Donna Allen with CCMSI at 800-672-1108 extension 5983 or